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How to Use Your Ego E-Cigarette

The electronic cigarette consists of two separate parts:

1) The long part is an 1100mAh Li-On rechargeable battery


2) The short part consists of a cartridge which contains the E-Juice.


Step 1 :
Charge the battery.

Screw the battery onto the wall or USB plug and then plug into the wall or a computer. First time will take up to 4 hrs to completely charge (must completely charge). Green light will come on when fully charged. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to charge each time there after.

Step 2 :
Filling the Cartridge.

Remove mouth piece from the top of the Customizer Cartridge. Tip cartridge sideways and pour your e-juice to the top black line. DO NOT get the juice in the silver tube in the middle of the Customizer Cartridge.When filled screw the mouth piece back on.

Step 3 :
Assemble together.

Screw the Customizer onto the battery. Push the Smart Chip button 5 times quickly to turn on. Now you are ready to ‘Vape’ - Push the Smart Chip Button while taking your ‘vape’ (this warms the juice and saves the life of your battery as it is only used when pushed)


Smart Chip Technology will shut itself off for 20 seconds if you are vaping too much, this stops it from over heating and give too much juice at once.
* E-ciagarette can bee shut off by pushing the Smart Chip button 5 times quickly to turn off. Turning o when not in use will save your battery life.
*90 day guarantee on batteries. Replace your Customizer Cartridge every few weeks.